Frequently Asked Questions

By Parents of Prospective Students

  1. What makes Cornerstone unique? As you’ve probably discovered by now, there are plenty of preschools in the area. Many have dedicated and qualified teachers. Many offer flexible scheduling options to help working parents. A few also subscribe to the Montessori method. Cornerstone has all of those things too. But the one thing that sets us apart is our campus.
  2. What’s special about your campus? Cornerstone sits on a one-acre campus with three log buildings surrounded by Jeffco open space. Between the buildings are a tree-shaded courtyard and an outdoor gardening area (greenhouse coming in the summer of 2019). The main building has a large wrap-around deck with tables and benches. The playground includes a swing set, play structure, tire swing, and several age-appropriate toys. Our children enjoy very natural surroundings with abundant opportunities for outdoor experiences. Not everyone places a high value on this natural setting, of course, but it conveys a very different feel from other preschools that utilize more concrete and steel construction, are centralized in a single building, or located in the midst of other businesses.

By Parents of Current Students

By Alumni (Students and Parents)