Parent Activities

There are four ways for parents to be involved in the Cornerstone community.

  1. Attend events. We maintain a calendar of events and hope parents will make the time to attend most of them. These are great opportunities for you to get to know other parents and for your kids to interact with other students in non-classroom environments.
  2. Sponsorships. Many parents own businesses and are interested in sponsoring events. Typical sponsorships include donating items to our silent auction, advertising on t-shirts for our Fun Run, and providing drinks for volunteer days. If you are interested, please reach out to Tia Matsumoto.
  3. Volunteer. Many activities benefit from the help of volunteers. Typical tasks include bringing a side dish to a potluck, helping out with driving duties for a field trip, and manual labor for a special project. The call for volunteers will come from staff or the Parent Guild.
  4. Become a Parent Guild Coordinator. Technically, all parents are members of the Parent Guild, but the Coordinators are the few that commit to a high degree of involvement. More on that below!

The CMS Parent Guild

The Parent Guild is composed of all parents with a currently-enrolled child. Its primary mission is to organize certain fundraising events while having fun and building a sense of community.

It is led by up to four Parent Guild Coordinators serving two-year terms. Typically, two new Coordinators are nominated each year while the other two bring forward the experience of having served the prior year. The Coordinators are responsible for the following events. Do not be surprised if they reach out to tap you for some help!

  • February – Sweetheart Dance.
  • April – Earth Day Celebration.
  • May – All School Potluck. This potluck celebrates kindergarten graduation, but also marks the end of the school year.
  • October – Halloween Potluck and Costume Party.
  • November – Bubble Fun Run.