Color Palette

A color palette is a range of colors used to communicate a brand. When used consistently across digital and print media, it helps create a recognizable “look and feel” that customers associate with certain brand attributes.

Our starting point is the green seen in the CMS logo. We call it “Healing Hebb” in honor of the school’s original owner, Phyllis Hebb. Here’s some insight into the psychology of the color green from Elle & Company:

Green is the color of nature. It symbolizes growth, freshness, serenity, and healing. It also has a strong emotional correspondence to safety and balance. Some common associations with green include freshness, harmony, health, eco-friendliness, healing, inexperience, money, and nature.

Lauren Hooker, Owner, Elle & Company

If you’re familiar with CMS, you’d likely agree that most of those adjectives come to mind when thinking about the school. Perfect! Let’s work with those as Cornerstone’s brand attributes.

Using Hebb Green as the main brand color, we used a website called Colormind to generate a palette of complementary colors.

Category Name Color Sample Hex Code
Light Shade Nurturing Clouds   F3F2F2
Light Accent Breathe Deeply   79A19A
Main Brand Color Healing Hebb   1E3F12
Dark Accent Firmly Rooted   7F714B
Dark Shade Midnight in Golden   26262C