Age: Must be 5 by October 1 of school year enrolled
Program Schedule: Minimum 5 full days
Full Day Program: Mon-Fri, 8a to 4p
Extended Day Program: Mon-Fri, 7a to 6p

Kindergarten at Cornerstone is the culmination of the three year cycle in preprimary Montessori Education, in addition to a practical experience preparing for 1st grade. The Kindergarten curriculum strongly focuses on literacy, math, and skills necessary for elementary school (i.e., handwriting, completion of assignments, as well as self organization). Developmentally Kindergarten age children are prepared for a full day learning experience, and love to balance their day between academics and social activities. Enrichment activities such as field trips and creative dramatic workshops round out the Kindergarten experience, as well. In addition, our Kindergarten class is included within the structure of the Spanish Language Program.